BrainBox Application

The BrainBox has a number of different applications and is designed to fit around the work being carried out  by the practitioner  with an individual or group.  It has been used very successfully with both adults and children as young as 6 years old. Listed here are just a few of the ways the BrainBox has already been used by teachers, psychologists, therapists, nurses and youth workers.

Anger Management

Used in a parenting class to explain what was likely to be happening inside the brains of their teenagers when they became very angry.  The BrainBox was able to show why it is not a good time to argue with your child whilst he/she  and perhaps the parents themselves were highly emotionally aroused.  The parents could then appreciate the importance of  giving time and space to allow the thinking brain to reconnect.

Exam Stress:

Used in an assembly of anxious students preparing to take exams. The BrainBox clearly demonstrated why we sometimes appear to go blank when faced with taking tests.  Breathing techniques and visualisations were then taught to help reconnect to the thinking brain allowing the information to flow freely once again.

Fear of Flying:

The BrainBox demonstrated to the client what was happening inside his head when faced with his particular fear. By seeing this, the client felt more able to take control and together with the therapist they reprogrammed the brain so that it no longer had the immediate fear response when faced with the prospect of flying.  The client has now been able to accept a promotion that involves numerous business flights.

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