In today’s world where situations seem out of our control and stress feels like a permanent state of being, we all get angry. We might lash out, shout, or say things we don’t mean, and do things we’re ashamed of. This is a natural response to stimuli that raises our emotional state.



We are all unique, yet we all come into this world with basic physical and emotional needs.  Physical needs such as the need for shelter, sustenance, warmth and safety and emotional needs including love, autonomy, meaning & purpose, belonging and status & security. We will try and get these needs met anywhere we can. In order to make sure these needs are met for our young people just as it is our responsibility to meet their physical needs as parents and carers, so we should also be striving to ensure our young peoples emotional needs are met in balance


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I am passionate about improving emotional, mental health & well-being. Having worked for many years as a mental health professional and most recently training as a master practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming I recognize the importance of good mental health & its impact on physical well-being. I am very fortunate to work in a role within the NHS where I can provide support & advice to young people & their parents . By understanding more about how the brain works I have been able to share my knowledge & to empower others to make a difference in their lives. I would like to use this Blog to share some of my thoughts & ideas. I welcome all comments & would love to hear from you whether you are a professional, parent or just have an interest in making a difference too.


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