Development of the BrainBox


Deborah Bone, a mental health specialist and master NLP practitioner recognised the need for a tool that could be used to explain irrational behavioural responses, when working with both children & adults. Spurred on by receiving a national award for "excellence in practice" for her work as an Emotional & Mental Health Advisor, Deborah, together with the help of colleagues from education and health, created this highly innovative, visual resource. Using the computer as a contemporary metaphor, Deborah has encouraged adults & children to seek help from therapists and mental health professionals in the same way they would seek expert advice to sort out a computer problem.

If we imagine the brain as being the most complex of computers, like a computer, it is bound to slow down or even crash at times. This is more likely to happen if we are running too many programmes or too big a programme for our hardware to cope with. A little bit of reprogramming, rebooting or installing some good anti virus software can help it run more efficiently.

The BrainBox has provided an invaluable tool when working with children, boys in particular have responded well to the computer analogy. It has been used by counsellors, educational psychologists, youth workers, teachers and school nurses in their work with both children & adults. It is particularly useful in helping to understand what is going on inside our heads at times of high stress and anxiety and for dealing with anger related issues.